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Welcome, Kia Ora
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VisionNet aims to provide internet services to and promote sharing between Christian churches and organisations of New Zealand. We provide the most complete directory listings in NZ of churches and organisations. See our VisionNet Calendar for coming events. We welcome enquiries for listing or hosting. Check out our ministry features. VisionNet is on our own server which has been generously donated to us by , 100 Pah Road, Royal Oak, Auckland.

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During the holy week, Catholics usually do the Seven Churches Visitation or Visita Iglesia. It is an ancient pious Roman Catholic Lenten tradition, where people visit seven churches on the evening of Holy Thursday. Worshippers who practice this leave the church where they attended the Mass of the Lord’s Supper and go to nearby churches to pray before the Blessed Sacrament. There are no set of prayers given by the Catholic Church except to pray for the intentions of the Pope and recite the Lord’s Prayer, Hail Mary, and Gloria Patri. Visita Iglesia mostly occurs in urban areas where churches are near each other so traveling is easier. It is important to know the schedule of every church, especially for people who travel to churches that they are unfamiliar with. Some websites offer advertisement of church programs. Since it is for the church, these websites offer promocode as a discount to them.

Is church attendance starting to dwindle and the funds are starting to dry out as a result? Has you flock gone from a sea to that of a tiny, little stream? You can do something about this by simply using newer methods to spread the word about your church and its programs. The internet age has allowed all kinds of denominations to reach even more people who are searching for somewhere or something to belong to. This is your way to reach these people and grow your church again. Spread the word and use the services of zalando promo code in order to save on the already tiny fee that you will need to pay for.

As a Christian, it is very important to go to church every Sunday. You need to hear the message from the Lord through the pastor or the priest. You also need the fellowship of your fellow Christians to worship God. Church is not something that you do individually; it is something you do collectively. One reason to go to church because it is what Jesus did. It is where he does his worship and prayed to God. It is also stated in the Ten Commandments to “observe the Sabbath day by keeping it holy”. As followers of Jesus Christ, we must do the same. We should not take it for granted and do it seriously.

Another thing is it is a good habit to regularly go to church also makes you a good example to other people. They can be inspired and go to church as well. The Bible also said “some have gotten out of the habit. We should not do that. We should keep on encouraging each other”. The church is just the right place for that. Since life is hard, there are certain problems that we have to face and those who are going to church can help you by giving you advice and praying for you. There are also events that the church sponsors like gift giving for those people who are in need, and for that, you can use the coupons for steep discounts.

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